5 Powerful Lessons for Entrepreneurs from an Optimal Health Professional

5 Powerful Lessons for Entrepreneurs from an Optimal Health Professional:

For a month those closest to me hear me talking about Dr. Rob. Erica says I have a man crush on him. Dr. Rob being Dr. Robert Silverman the 2015 ACA Sports Chiropractor of the year. To say Dr. Rob is a chiropractor is a gross miscalculation. He has many degrees in nutrition, forming some educational alphabet soup after his name. Dr. Rob is an optimal health expert. For an active 29 year old he has been a blessing to work with. He is a client of ours and I am a client of his. For me, my health is my business. The better I feel the more I can exercise, which in my case is CrossFit. The more I exercise the clearer my mind is and the more energy I have. That energy and mindfulness translates in to more productivity, better decision making, more confidence. Those items are important, but still a fraction of the overall puzzle. Mobility, posture, nutrition are all things I neglected for many years.

After a month of working with Dr. Rob I flat out feel healthier. In our time working together I’ve come to appreciate Dr. Rob’s business acumen. While I can’t do what he does as a doctor. I can translate some of his practice into important take-aways for entrepreneurs.

People don’t care what you know until they know you care.

Lesson: This is one of my favorite quotes. No one wants to be “got”. We live in a skeptical society. Why? Because companies and politicians continue to over promise and under deliver. We yearn for the opposite. Dr. Rob took time to get to know me. He asked questions not because he had to, because he was curious. After our first session together he didn’t force anything on me. He gave me some things to try. Value add. That night he sent me an email asking how I was feeling. The following day he sent me another note to see how my workout was. 5 days later I received a typed up note sent to my home thanking me for visiting. I thought maybe it was just me. We worked together, we have mutual friends. So the next time I was there I asked around. Other clients echoed similar sentiments. He cares. He gets it.

Apply: Nothing I can say here will replace caring. Be accountable for the product or service you provide. Put yourself in your customers shoes. Going above and beyond separates you from your competition. It also builds brand advocates. Here’s a book to help – People Over Profit

Embrace Technology or Drift Away.

Lesson: It still amazes me how many companies don’t embrace technology. Some paid a price for it. You don’t hear anyone with plans to “Blockbuster and Chill” this weekend. Netflix came and wiped them out. Circuit City, left behind by Amazon and a progressive Best Buy. Dr. Rob’s office offers the latest technology from Laser technology to one of the leading analyzer of body compostion, the InBody. This is someone who studies his field and is at the forefront of the technology that comes out. He doesn’t just buy every new technology. He tries it, questions it, learns about it from others and then makes a decision. That decision comes from a place of “will this help my clients?”.

Apply: For entrepreneurs leveraging technology is a must. Webinars, podcasts, video tutorials all provide value to your clients. Here’s what we use.


  • Webinar – GoToWebinar
  • Podcast – Yeti Mic + GarageBand
  • Video Tutorials – IPhone 6 + TriPod + FilMic app
  • E-Mail Aggregator – SumoMe

Invest in Your Business / Personal Brand

Lesson: Cutting edge technology comes with a cost. If it answers the question, will this help my customers then you need to check the ROI. Important in any business. One laser technology was over $10,000. As a natural skeptic I asked how I would even know it was working and not just a laser pointer. I went to him with extreme leg soreness. For the meat heads out there it was three days of squats, dead lifts and lunges. Dr. Rob lasered me and the next day I felt so much better. Did it go away completely? No. Do I know my body and realize I was much less sore than I should have been? 100%. The equity he builds up by helping his clients is well worth the investment.

Apply: Most entrepreneurs will never spend 10k on a laser. That doesn’t mean there aren’t valuable tools to invest in. These tools don’t have to be big ad dollars either. For example, you have a product? Invest in Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula. Looking to build your personal brand? Chris Dessi’s Remarkable You will get you there.

Diagnose the Problem, Not the Pain Point

Lesson: This is a great one. When I mentioned elbow pain we mapped it back to a lack of shoulder mobility. It’s rare for the pain to be the actual root of the problem.

Apply: Entrepreneurs will go through a variety of Pain Points. Client struggles, employee turnover, financial instability. Often those are symptoms of procedural inefficiencies that can be fixed. It may be a larger problem. This would require a pivot in business. Leverage mentors and customers to gather feedback on how you can be better. Listen to them. Apply what you learn.

Always Be Learning

Lesson: Dr. Rob’s calendar is filled with conferences. His office is filled with certifications. When he started his career CrossFit wasn’t a thing. Now he is an expert in treating athletes specific to that sport. He also speaks with other health professionals regularly. Learning from others in your industry whom you respect is a great way to improve.

Apply: Continuing to learn keeps you and your business relevant. To find the most relevant information looks to experts in your industry. Attend events where they are speaking. Sign up for webinars where they are sharing information. We do monthly meetings with an executive who has a skill set very different than ours. He is smart and successful. Once a month we sit down and discuss ideas and trends. Both parties leave the meetings with energy, excitement and a little smarter.

Entrepreneurs know a lot of these things. I know a lot of these things. Still, it helps me to have it reinforced. I can improve on all of them and when I do business grows. Knowing and applying are two different things, but that is a blog post for another day!


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