5 Simple Tips to Get the Social Media Job of Your Dreams

It’s that time of year! Resume’s start coming in from every which direction. Students are graduating; executives are ready for a change and more than ever people of varied backgrounds are looking at Social Media. Marketing/Media majors have some company as English and Creative Arts students have also set their sights on work in this ever-changing field.

More applicants equal more competition, so how do you stand out? Use these 5 simple tips to get the social media job of your dreams:

  1. Do Social Media – Make sure you are active and aware of the major social platforms. You don’t need to have thousands of twitter followers but you do need a professional facing account with tweets that allow an employer to see that. That goes for all the major platforms. Your LinkedIn profile should be complete and thorough. You don’t need to be active on Vine, Meerkat, Tumblr etc. but you should be able to articulate what they are and why they are valuable for certain brands.
  2. Hire you or your brand? – Trick question, you are the brand. Employers aren’t just hiring individuals anymore, they are hiring your brand. That means your influence, network and digital profile all matter. Position yourself as a thought leader so that when an employer Google’s you (and they are) they see you producing content across multiple platforms. Everybody is a thought leader in their own world so utilize LinkedIn, Medium, or blogs to share.
  3. Target – Pick the five companies you want to work for and go for it. Study the department where you are applying, study their work throughout social media, study their competitors. Reach out to people in the position you are applying for. The more prepared you are the more you can stand out. Business development 101.
  4. Be the Swiss Army Knife – The better rounded you are the more value you can add from day 1. This begins and ends with your mindset. Be the type of person whom employers want to have around. Add to your existing skills, ie. you are a great copywriter, learn some Photoshop. No one expects a master of all, but I will take a positive executive with a thirst for knowledge and a few good skills over a lot of competitors.
  5. Read for the part – Reading makes you more well rounded and informed as an individual. If you connect with the interviewer you are much more likely to get the job. Make sure you are well read in general but also read for the interview. Below are three sites that you can check daily to increase your social IQ.

What else can help?

Indeed – The number 1 job search engine on the planet. Note: “search engine.” Indeed connects applicants to open jobs based on an algorithm matching your search to open roles. Translation: use the key words in your resume based on the job you are looking for. Employers #1 complaint? People applying for jobs they are not qualified for.

LinkedIn – Business gets done on LinkedIn. Make sure your profile is as detailed as possible, then go to work. Leverage the “introduce” feature to connect with 2nd degree connections and use this platform to research the individuals at the company you are looking to gain employment from. LinkedIn is also a great place to source open jobs.

Network – This is always going to be the biggest. Utilize your network and if you don’t have one, go and build it. Events, alumni gatherings, reconnecting with old friends:  whatever it is build your network and always think about how your network can help others. When the time is right, other people’s networks will help you.