6 Tips for Great Social with Limited Resources

The struggle is real for start-ups and small businesses to develop a social media ecosystem. Business owners are already acting as HR, Finance, Accounting, sales and fulfilling business. With or without funding, the budget may be small or non-existent for internal/external hires.

All these factors make growing your social places a daunting task. Daunting doesn’t mean impossible, and with some structure, planning and a small investment (ie no hires) you can really start to amplify your brand awareness. Use these tips for great social despite limited resources.

  1. Be Consistent – Social Media is like going to the gym. After day 1, week 1, month 1 it’s easy to quit because you aren’t seeing results. With time and effort, the results come. You won’t find time for social, so make time and make it count. Create a content calendar across platforms with content about 2-4 weeks out. You don’t need to be everything to everyone right away so start on FB & Twitter. Leverage scheduling tools such as hootsuite or sprout social to schedule posts in advance. This ensures that even on days where you aren’t in front of a computer, you will have approved content going out.
  2. Leverage trending topics – Chances are you’re starting with little to no following except for parents and partners. The billion+ users on social are constantly communicating so utilize the most popular conversations. Trending topics on Facebook & Twitter are constantly happening so join the conversation and put your spin on it. All of a sudden you are in the mix with millions of people drawing exposure to your brand. Stay on brand mission though and don’t join a conversation just for the sake of joining.
  3. Be Transparent – You are in a fraternity of other entrepreneurs going through the same things you are. Transparency allows you to be relatable. Also, stay positive. That mindset goes a long way in business as well as with your posts in social media.
  4. Educate – Whatever your expertise is, make sure you are sharing that with your social ecosystem. They look to you as the thought leader that you are so make sure you are proving it to them with educational posts on your industry.
  5. Have Fun – If you have a fun, unique company culture share it through social. Employee features and highlights, charity events you participate in, office luncheons. Whatever it is, leverage videos and photos to break up the educational info that you are sharing.
  6. Boost It! – All of these so far have pointed you toward organic social growth. After a few months of consistency check the analytics. This informs you which posts are performing the best. With that information, put some media dollars behind it similar posts in your upcoming content calendar. Facebook is a business and they have great tools for advertisers to hit your target audience and grow your ecosystem.

Having a foundation built for when you ARE able to allocate proper resources to social will make a huge impact on how fast you can dial up results.