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The 17 Year Old Entrepreneur You Should be Learning From

In March entrepreneur Chris Dessi, spoke for the Westchester County Business Council’s Power Breakfast. After the event, as is often the case, he talked with attendees excited to learn from him. I was doing the same, engaging myself in insightful conversation, when Boris Teodoro introduced himself. We immediately connected, as we were the only two […]

Balance is Overrated, Why you Need to be Obsessed

In 1996, I was 10 years old and obsessed with basketball, there was little balance. I played it, I watched it, I hand wrote spread sheets filled with players’ names and stats. That year’s NBA Draft introduced a new guard of superstar that was perfect for where I was in life. I was an Iverson […]

The Best Place to Go to Drastically Improve Your Career

In my last post, I recommend the top books I read in 2015. In it, I mention a book which I re-read, Napolean Hill’s “Master Key to Riches“. In 1908, Hill, a journalist, was given a commission to write a series of articles. The articles featured famous and successful men, including industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. […]

By ‘Making a Murderer’, Netflix is Making a Killing

See what I did there? Even if you aren’t an early adopter, chances are you’ve heard rumblings of the Netflix documentary series “Making a Murderer”. The documentary follows the true story of Steven Avery. Avery was imprisoned for sexual assault and attempted murder in the mid eighties. By early in the 2000s he was exonerated […]

5 Unique Ways to Sell Better & Grow Faster

Sales. The lifeline of business and a piece of the puzzle in your growth as an executive. For students and young executives, sales are one of the few roles that appear to be open. Indeed.com shows 19,000 more “sales” search results than “marketing” search results in Manhattan. A lot of people I speak to have a […]

The Best Way to Create More Opportunity in Your Career

Public speaking is something so scary that they have a term for it. Glossophobia – the fear of public speaking. Last week I wrote about Simple Steps to Building Your Self Image. In my opinion, building your self image is the best way to improve your public speaking. I mention a correlation to public speaking […]

3 Simple Steps to Make Your Self Image Soar

This week I spoke in a public speaking class. I know, it’s just like inception. This is one of my favorite presentations to give. I want to start by recognizing their professor, and my friend, Michael DeStefano. Mike wants to see his students learn and succeed. When he brings in a guest speaker he doesn’t […]

How To Make Your Customers Thrilled To Pay You

How often is a product or service so valuable that you feel great about paying for it? It’s rare, but that’s the goal right? It should be. Rewind to my Tuesday morning commute. 90% of the time I listen to a podcast or audio book. Tuesday was different. The Jets dominated the Colts and were […]

Expert Business Advice Delivered Straight to Your Ears

I often write about maximizing your time. For me, turning commute time in to education through podcasts and audio books has made a major difference. This time not only grows me as a professional, it grows my self image. Today I am putting the spotlight on one particular podcast that I always learn from. (authors […]