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How to Bend to the Limit but Never Break

We live in a world where we try to quantify everything. Certain things will never come with a rating. For instance the word “no”. From closing a deal to asking someone on a date, no one likes getting shut down. For entrepreneurs this feeling magnifies. Your business, product, idea is something you pour everything in […]

The Two Fastest Ways to Fail as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs know that failure is a piece of the puzzle. Not all failure is created equal. Two common types of failure. Minor – Learn, adjust, improve. Catastrophic – Game Over As an entrepreneur two fast ways to catastrophic failure are poor personal finance habits and bad relationships. Below are a few ways to avoid them. […]

The One Hidden Quality to Look for When Hiring

Business owners and entrepreneurs know how big a decision hiring is. If you are a young company, you need new hires that can come in with a multitude of tools. One characteristic that I see coming up more and more often when it comes to success is “Grit”. No longer is Grit synonymous with John […]

4 Proven Ways to Superior Communication

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” – James Humes So much of business is relationships. One key to being relatable is being able to communicate. By improving your communication you will improve relationships, your own education, educating others and provide yourself more opportunity for personal and professional growth. These 4 methods will […]

How To Effectively Lead Under Any Circumstance

The Westchester Business Council’s Rising Stars Leadership Council presented the first of their series “Lessons in Leadership” ft. Lt. Col. Christopher J. Bronzi two weeks ago. Col. Bronzi knows how to effectively lead under any circumstance. Below are 8 lessons on leadership that I pulled from Lt. Col. Bronzi’s presentation. Authors Note: I know Lt. […]

How to Improve Your Life with One Concept

How to improve your life with one concept? Find a mentor. Mentorship – you’ve heard of it, perhaps you’ve tried it. To maximize its effect, you need to understand it and get out of your own way. The Right Mentor’s Goal – to make you better Authors Note: Much of this post is due to […]

6 Tips for Great Social with Limited Resources

The struggle is real for start-ups and small businesses to develop a social media ecosystem. Business owners are already acting as HR, Finance, Accounting, sales and fulfilling business. With or without funding, the budget may be small or non-existent for internal/external hires. All these factors make growing your social places a daunting task. Daunting doesn’t […]

5 Simple Tips to Get the Social Media Job of Your Dreams

It’s that time of year! Resume’s start coming in from every which direction. Students are graduating; executives are ready for a change and more than ever people of varied backgrounds are looking at Social Media. Marketing/Media majors have some company as English and Creative Arts students have also set their sights on work in this […]

40 Lessons From 40 Years of Chris Dessi

Chris Dessi, the CEO of Silverback Social and Creator of the Westchester Digital Summit, is turning 40 years old this today. I am lucky to have literally had the chance to work side by side with him. Our team learns from Chris multiple times a day and I thought what better way to honor him […]

Event Management Lessons From Dad

In honor of the Westchester Digital Summit and other major conferences taking place in the upcoming months, I decided to republish this post from after last years event. Growing up, I thought I knew everything. Seriously, just ask my friends or family. Parents nodding in agreement about their own kids can breathe a sigh of […]