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I often write about maximizing your time. For me, turning commute time in to education through podcasts and audio books has made a major difference. This time not only grows me as a professional, it grows my self image. Today I am putting the spotlight on one particular podcast that I always learn from. (authors note, I love podcasts – they really do provide expert business advice delivered straight to your ears at your convenience).

Podcast Review: All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett

Jeffrey Hayzlett is a global business celebrity and expert. I consider Jeff a mentor. We have worked together in the past but also through reading his books, watching his C Suite TV, and following his podcast.

Jeffrey’s no nonsense approach translates to his podcast. He is a voracious learner. He does such thorough research of his guests that it makes each interview compelling without the fluff. Given his star power, his guests are a real A list of successful individuals. This ranges from C-List executives, to business owners and celebrities. Jeff doesn’t shy away from difficult questions and uses his platform to create the best interview for his audience to learn.

Every podcast contains value, but the podcast with Brian Tracy is my favorite from a 360 degree success stand point. Brian made a life long commitment to education. Through public speaking, book writing, and sales training he serves those with a thirst for knowledge. Below I outline 10 of Brian’s lessons, each response coming from a well thought question by Hayzlett. This doesn’t come close to covering all the knowledge in the podcast so make sure to listen here.

Episode Highlight: Author, speaker Brian Tracy talks goals, focus, success and eating the frog

Have a 1 to 1 connection with learning and sharing. Individuals used to built brands this way. Educators, always learning, would apply and then share their knowledge. Today, through social media many individuals focus on the teaching. Not enough place an emphasis on learning.

Your most valuable financial asset is your earning ability. You can lose everything as the result of economic volatility. Your earning ability gives you the power to make it back. Earning ability equates to your ability to get results that people will pay you for. It can be a depreciating or appreciating asset. For most people today it is depreciating. You have a certain earning ability when you graduate college and it never increases. Make this an appreciating asset by adding one more skill to your existing skill set.

Every product has a job to do. When someone buys a product they hire that product to do a job for them. It is the solution to a problem.

We earn our living by serving other people in some way. Our rewards will always be in direct proportion to the value of our service. Do you want to increase the quality of your rewards (financial and emotional)? Then you must increase the quality and quantity of service to others. This is the foundation of our free market system. Successful people serve lots of people in ways that they want to appreciate. “How can I serve more people better” has to be the central focus.

Those without written goals are forever condemned to work for those with them. People with clear goals and a plan do on avg. 10X more for both their income and assets. They focus while most are drifting.

Focus is the most important quality of success. As told through a story – Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Bill Gates father were at a dinner party. A guest asks them what the most important quality for success today is. All 3 responded– at the same time. They smiled because none had prepared the answer. Today we face “attraction of distraction”. With today’s distractions, a lack of focus results in no productivity. Goals enable you to focus. Plan, prioritize, stay on one task at a time. This will enable you to out produce people by 10x.

The greatest responsibilities are to dream big. You cannot accomplish more on the outside than you imagine on the inside. Idealization comes from strategic planning. Pretend you have a magic wand that can project 5 years ahead. That projection is your life. Perfect in every respect. What would it look like? How would it be different than today? You develop Clarity. There is a direct relationship between the clarity of your future and how quick they become reality. The reason people are unsuccessful is because they are fuzzy about what their great life looks like.

Time management is central to life & The key to life is task completion. You can save 80% of the time that it takes to complete a project if you work on it non-stop. There is a psychological and emotional component to it. Develop a habit of focusing and completing single tasks. This leads the brain to release endorphins, nature’s happy drug. It motivates you, raises your self-esteem, propels you to do more tasks including those you didn’t think you could. The payoff of developing “concentrated mind power” is extraordinary. People judge us by our ability to complete tasks quick and well.

Eat the Frog. Eat a live frog first thing in the morning. Chances are it is the worst thing that will happen to you all day long. Your frog is your biggest, ugliest most difficult task. It is the one you are most likely to procrastinate on but also the one which will provide the greatest satisfaction. If you start by going after this task first thing in the morning, pre-email, you will have a rush for the rest of the day. Your flow is your optimal performance. Successful people trigger themselves in to flow by starting and completing a difficult task.

Each person determines their own income. This determination comes from what you do or what you fail to do. If you want a pay increase go to the nearest mirror and negotiate with your boss. You are the person over time who determines your success. Their are millions of self made success stories. If they can do it, so can you. It’s no great secret. Become valuable. Ask yourself every morning “What can I do to increase the value of my services today?

Bonus: You have more potential than you can use in 100 life times. Your job is to get it out. Really commit yourself to yourself.

FUN FACTS: Brian Tracy

  • Brian has spoken in 72 countries (US and Germany are his favorites)
  • First major client was a billion dollar company where he did strategy work
  • At one point he was publishing 4 books a year
  • Speaks to roughly 250k people each year
  • Reads 3 hours a day
  • Drinks coffee, wine and water
  • Best selling time management author having sold about 10 million books in 42 languages.